Südsudan: Gabriel, der Katechist | 13.06.2013 · 11:09 min


"A big number of baptisms occurred. We got 478 people baptised, and also confirmed ... for doing that I received 21 days in prison. I was in prison several times. Prison was becoming for me a place of God's eyes. Many people worry, but God was with me. And I know that God continues to be with me". Gabriel Loful Ben, catechist

The war between North and South Sudan lasted for over half a century, cost over three million lives, and forced five million to leave their homes. Christians were persecuted by both sides of the conflict. Those who survived in a country ravaged by war needed faith and hope to carry on. Simple people helped them achieve this -- catechists. One of them was Gabriel -- a catechist from the town of Torit.

Erstausstrahlung (bzw. hochgeladen am): 13.06.2013 
Produktionsjahr: 2011

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